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Hugh Burns -

Hugh and Gretsch C400 at Rooster and at Dave Hunt's studio, © 2003 T. Relph-Knight

Hugh is an accomplished musician, arranger and composer and is available for session bookings. Although his main instruments are the electric and acoustic guitar he also plays banjo, and mandolin. For session purposes he owns a wide selection of instruments to cater for any sonic texture that may be required.

To book Hugh for a session call Connie Filippello Publicity ( www.cfpublicty.co.uk ) on - 0207 229 5400

or email - hb@cfpublicity.co.uk or hugh@acousticmasters.com

Background -

Like many players, as a teenager Hugh started out as self taught in the blues/rock style and comfortable with a loose and semi-improvisatory style of playing. Once he decided on a career as a serious session musician he quickly realised that to be successful in this area he would need more formal skills. He rapidly became a fluent sight reader, writer and transcriber of music and embarked on a serious study of music both in practice and in theory that continues to this day. His early studies of plectrum style were with Ron Moore and he later studied composition with Oliver Hunt.

Here's a sample of the projects Hugh has been involved in -

Photo © Catherine Ashmore 2002 

Movie Soundtracks -

  • The latest Bond film 'Die Another Day
  • The Full Monty
  • Carlas Song
  • Don Quixote
  • The Guru
  • Lucky Break
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • The Red Planet
  • Stealing Beauty
  • Return of the Pink Panther
  • Love & War
  • Mad About Mambo
  • The Van
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Pola X

    - and many more.


Pop recordings -

George Michael -

Faith, Songs from the last century and Ladies & Gentleman - the best of George Michael

Wham - Make it big

Gerry Rafferty -

Another world, City to city, Night owl, Snakes & ladders and On a wing & a prayer

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson -

Pipes of peace

Randy Crawford - Rich & poor

Dina Carrol - Only human

The Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual

Scot Walker - Tilt, The Drift

Joan Armatrading - Walk under ladders



Classical recordings -

Various - Voices of freedom

Jose Carreras - Hollywood golden classics

Placido Domingo

George Martin - A day in the life


Jazz recordings -

The lonely bears - The lonely bears

The lonely bears - The bears are running

Doneda Lazro - General gramophone

The other side - Dangerous days

Vol por Sidney (Bechet tribute)

Oliver Nelson - Oliver Edward Nelson in London with Oily Rags

Tony Muschamp & the JJ Band - More bass...please