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ResoBridge S MkII, © T. Relph-Knight 2003

The ResoBridge S and ResoBridge T

New lower price on ResoBridge S

Use of advanced laser cutting techniques allow us to drastically reduce the price of the ResoBridge S !!

Replacement bridges for single cone and tri-cone resonator guitars.

Currently these units are hand made to order, delivery approx. 3 weeks.

ResoBridge S for National style single cone (12 in stock)

ResoBridge T for tri-cones

Shipping and handling £5 within the EU

ResoBridge S (single cone)
- £35
ResoBridge T (tri-cone)
- £90

Features -

Allows intonation adjustment and correct compensation for the open tunings used on resonator guitars

Highly stable - unaffected by humidity (unlike the traditional maple bridges)

Increased sustain

Better tone

Can accept different saddle materials (even traditional maple), although Graph tech saddles are recommended

PLEASE NOTE - The ResoBridges do not include saddles since the saddle material can be chosen by the user. Any of the traditional or new hi-tech saddle materials may be used and shaped and drilled to fit. Fitting the ResoBridge requires a reasonable level of luthiery skill. So take the job to a qualified resonator repair person if you have any doubts about fitting one yourself. Acoustic Masters accept no responsibility for any damage that might occur to either your guitar, or to the ResoBridge, due to incorrect installation.

The reasons for fitting a ResoBridge to a resonator guitar

In Brief (see our Tech. Info. page for more on this subject) -

All resonator guitars have fixed, straight string saddles. Any compensation for intonation must be built in to the guitar by choosing the distance set between the twelfth fret and the saddle and through setting the saddle at a slight angle to the strings. This does not allow for changes in string gauge or action and doesn't work well for open tunings, where the musical interval between the strings isn't as regular as standard tuning. The open tunings of C and D, often used for slide playing, require that the bottom string length should be significantly longer than the other strings.

Many vintage instruments and a lot of the Korean copies, have poor intonation because the distance between the twelfth fret and the saddle is too small.

The ResoBridge S and ResoBridge T have moveable saddles and allow near perfect intonation because you can set the individual string length, just like on many electric guitars. The range of saddle movement allows compensation both for the large offsets required by open tunings and for the dimension problems found in some vintage instruments and modern copies.