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Acoustic Masters PowerLite 50-12 Guitar Amplifier


PowerLite prototype 50-12 processed digital image - (c) T Relph-Knight 2005


Introductory Prices –

Plus shipping charge

UK Royal Mail parcel post = £13.40


Kit without 12 inch driver = £ 300

inc. above postage
Kit + 12 inch Celestion driver = £ 400
inc. above postage

Fully assembled = £ 450

inc. above postage

Soundlight up charge = £ 35

IMPORTANT - Please indicate in the notes section of your order if you will be using an AdrenaLinn with the amp.


The perfect combination – your digital modeling pre-amp + a PowerLite 50-12 guitar amp.

- If you already own a modeling pre-amp that gives you all the guitar sounds you need, why buy a conventional, or digital modeling, guitar amplifier, when you could use your pre-amp and a PowerLite power amp?

The PowerLite amp is a ‘back end’ power amp and loudspeaker designed to be combined with the players choice of ‘front end’, digital or analogue, modeling/emulating pre-amps.

PowerLite 50-12 features –

Light weight – 26 Lbs 12 Kgs (approx) At least 30% lighter than any other roughly equivalent amplifier on the market.

Small size – H 47cm (inc. feet) by W 35cm by D 30cm

Easy to carry – Large, comfortable, carrying handle, mounted over the centre of gravity

Power rating - Fitted with a 50 Watt R.M.S. solid state amplifier.
(The power amp is very clean and quiet. Emulation of ‘valve’ guitar amplifier tone is left entirely to the pre-amp used)

Audio Range Flexibility – Suitable for a wide range of musical styles (determined by the pre-amp used). With the right pre-amp the PowerLite 50-12 can be used as an acoustic guitar amp.

Kit format – Available as a flat pack kit or assembled to order at an extra charge. Assembly requires basic manual skills, a No. 2 Philips screwdriver and some glue. Assembly time is estimated at roughly two days work. Constructed from ‘audio grade’ 12mm birch 9 ply, screwed and glued, with 20mm pine braces. The 50W power amp is provided as a complete working module.

Drivers – Supplied with a 12 inch Celestion G12 Century main driver and a CTS tweeter. OR as an option, customers may choose and fit their own main driver and buy the PowerLite kit at a lower price. Eminence drivers are used by many of the top US guitar amp makers. Rather than use a ‘flat response’ neutral, driver we have chosen to use a ‘musical instrument’ speaker for its efficiency, fast transient response and sympathetic colouration (loudspeakers make the best loudspeaker emulators!).

Optional ‘Soundlight’ system – Twin ‘power on’ lights, modulated by the audio signal.