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In this section of the Acoustic Masters web site we will feature occasional reviews of guitar and recording related technology. These are items we have had personal experience with and that we think are of special interest. The reviews are roughly in order of when we get our hands on any particular item.

Click here Product Review
The Avante baritone acoustic guitar 
The Epiphone EZ-Bender string bender for stop tailpiece guitars
iZotope Ozone audio mastering plug-in
Tech21 SansAmp Acoustic DI
TonePros locking 'Nashville' guitar bridges and stop bar tailpieces
Babicz Identity series Acute Rosewood acoustic guitar
L.R. Baggs M1 magnetic acoustic guitar pickup
G7th Capo
Roger Linn Design - AdrenaLinn II guitar amp modeler, effects unit and drum box
Babicz Identity series Jumbo Rosewood acoustic guitar with L.R. Baggs iMIX pickup
Zachary Z2-T hand crafted electric guitar
LSR locking guitar tuners
Diamond Bottlenecks - Guitar slides