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Terry Relph-Knight -

Custom built guitar, T. Relph-Knight 2003  

In 1992 I embarked on a new career as a technical journalist. In 2002 I was made redundant by VNU Business Publications and decided to take a break from journalism to focus on other projects including Acoustic Masters. I eventually returned to journalism as a freelance writer. During the past few years I have worked for heise online eventualy going full time as Production editor for The H Week, an online news site dedicated to open source software and to security topics. I left heise at the end of 2010 to return to freelance work and to pursue other projects in eBook publishing.

Please follow this >LINK< for a listing of my recent writing.

Previous experience includes working for Electronic Music Studios of Putney as a hardware design engineer, working with Dan Armstrong designing guitar effects and providing field service for MCI mixing desks and tape machines.

Services I can offer -

Technical writing & equipment reviews.

Service and repair of guitar amplifiers (valve or transistor), guitar effects units, electronic keyboards and guitar electronics.

Solutions to odd tuning problems and all those annoying hums, buzzes and rattles.

Guitar set-ups.

Custom built instruments.

Resonators re-coned, bridges replaced, pick-ups fitted and general set-ups.

Design and construction of customised pedal boards, effects and controllers.

Music web-site design.

Location & contact details -

Central London

e-mail - terry@acousticmasters.com

tel. - 0207 402 0275