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GUITAR Mechanics book cover image


Update 06/09/12 -  The eBook version of "Crash Course on jazz guitar voicings" is now available from the Amazon Kindle store. Looking for the audio CD of demo tracks that goes with the book ? Go to our DVD & CDs page and scroll down to the entry for the original paper book to order a CD.

Amazon Kindle UK bookstore page -  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jazz-guitar-voicings-ebook/dp/B0096CGHL4/
Amazon Kindle USA bookstore page -  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0096CGHL4/

Update 10/09/11 -  Quick photo report on the Acoustic Guitar Show 2011 - click our NEWS button to see.

Update 10/08/11 -  Just released on Amazon Kindle - GUITAR Mechanics eBook -  4 . 59 (VAT inc.)

Amazon Kindle bookstore page -  http://www.amazon.co.uk/GUITAR-Mechanics-ebook/dp/B005GEXV0G/

See the book promo video on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH6CHjQDyeo

A collection of articles about the guitar, GUITAR Mechanics contains information that will help guitarists towards a better understanding of their instrument. In turn this should help them to become better players. It also contains comprehensive listings of sources of strings, capos, picks and pickups. If you have ever wondered why music is constructed the way it is, or why the guitar and other stringed instruments are made the way they are, then this book is for you.

GUITAR Mechanics is also available from the US and German Amazon web sites. You do not need to own a Kindle to own and read this book, Amazon provide free readers for downloading (see left of the page for the above link) that run on PCs, Mac's, iPad's etc...

Update 25/03/11 - COMING SOON ON AMAZON KINDLE - eBook version of Jazz Guitar Voicings

Update 08/02/11
- ResoBridge S MkIII - SOLD OUT

Update 13/11/10 - Only 4 left in stock of the new design ResoBridge S MkIII, replacement biscuit bridge with intonation adjusment for single cone resonator guitars. See - Guitar Parts.

Update 11/03/10 - Acoustic Masters has been morribund but we aren't dead yet! - The sublime Tom Doughty appears at the Brookes Blues Bar on the 23rd of April - see link to Tom's site on our links page and we have added a new link for Diamond Bottlenecks, manufacturers of the very best glass slides available. See our review of Diamond Bottlenecks slides in our Reviews section!

Update 10/11/07- Acoustic Masters is now on YouTube! Click here to link to our YouTube page and view video excerpts from our DVDs and other projects.

Update 26/10/07- The 'Eric Roche at the Electric' DVD has now been re-mastered for improved video quality and simpler menu navigation. It is available for order as a PAL or NTSC DVD-R from our DVDs & CDs page. Watch out for a new tuitional / performance DVD by John on our DVD & CDs page, to be released soon.

News flash for the 23/06/07- Hugh Burns will be demonstrating the new line of Yamaha guitars including solid electric, jazz, acoustic and classical guitars at Chappell's new store in Wardour Street, London. For more information follow this link to the event page on the Chappell site and this link to the Chappell 'Whats On' page.

Update 28/05/07- New product announcement !!! - The ResoBaffle T, a bass EQ baffle for Tricone resonator guitars is now available for order from our 'Guitars Parts' page. Also look out for two new articles, one on Picks and one on Capos, by Terry Relph-Knight in upcoming editions of Acoustic magazine.

Update 26/01/07- Angels & Unicorns - A new CD of meditational music by Andrew Brel featuring the guitar of Hugh Burns - to order see our DVD & CDs page (near the bottom).

Update 24/10/06 - Look out for the December/January issue of Acoustic magazine with Terry's in-depth article on acoustic guitar pickup systems.

Update 19/06/06 - 50 (now 39, 6, they are selling fast!) of the new design ResoBridge S MkIII, replacement biscuit bridge with intonation adjusment for single cone resonator guitars, now in stock. See - Guitar Parts.

Update 08/03/06 - John Goldie's new CD now available - see DVDs & CDs. Babicz innovative guitar design recognised in museum exhibit, see - News.

Update 07/03/06 - Because we get a lot of searches on this site looking for information on acoustic guitar intonation adjustment I have added a section on guitar intonation. At present this is to be found at the end of the Tech Info page. Eventually it will move to a page of its own. For even more information on tuning and intonation please refer to my article in the Dec/Jan issue of Acoustic magazine. Also added - a review of LSR locking tuners - see Reviews.

Update 27/10/05 - New article on tuning and intonation published in Acoustic magazine - see News.

Update 15/10/05 - A review of the Zachary Z2-T 6 string electric guitar - see Reviews.

Update 11/10/05 - New practice aid - "Meet the Bass Player" CD - see DVDs & CDs.

Spin CD and Eric at the Electric DVD now sold out. Please email - admin@acousticmasters.com if you would like to be contacted when new pressings of these products become available.

Update 03/05/05 - Check out the amazing AdrenaLinn II - see the new review in our reviews section !!!!!

Quite a bit of new stuff - Updated navigation with a link to our Japanese outlet, new sub-index for Guitar Parts (see our new PowerLite guitar amps), News page update and new reviews of the AdrenaLinn II and the Babicz Identity Jumbo including the L.R. Baggs iMIX pickup !!

News Update 06/12/04 - See our reviews of the first LR Baggs magnetic pickup - the M1 & the excellent G7th Capo. Read our review of the revolutionary Jeff Babicz acoustic guitar. All in our Reviews section!! New pics of Eric's latest guitar on T.O.T.T. also see our News page. Pics from the fantastic Ullapool Guitar Festival 2004 coming soon.

NEW RELEASE !!! - Hugh's new jazz CD 'Synchromatic' released - see DVD and CD page.

Buy strings online, link to Jingloba here

Would you like to hear what you're buying ? - MP3 samples now available on many of our DVD and CDs !!

Take a look at our new reviews section - 13.12.03


FREE ! mp3 (Copyright retained by the artist, not for commercial reproduction without permission) of Hugh Burns playing 'Harbour Nights' from his current CD release'Synchromatic' - Harbour Nights

New Releases 18/09/03 - DVD video - Eric Roche in concert at The Electric Theatre, Guildford - now available sold out (DVDs & CDs). See our News page for bookings link.

New Releases 14/07/03 - See our News page. DVD video of launch concert - Guitars at The Cockpit Theatre - now available (DVDs & CDs)

News Update 09/05/03 - See our News page. New lower price on ResoBridge S (Parts)